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Dog Program


Healthy dogs mean healthy people.

Aboriginal people have always lived very closely with their dogs and a distinctive feature of most remote communities is the large number of dogs they have. Warlukurlangu Artists runs a dog health program in Yuendumu, Nyirripi and Yuelamu to support the well being of the dogs and educate people on good animal care.

In recent years the art centre has collaborated with Central Desert Shire and the Central Land Council (GMAAAC) to regularly bring a vet to the community in order to de-sex as many dogs as possible and provide medical aid and assistance where necessary. funding is also provided through this collaboration to support with various essential interventions including the treatment dogs and cats against a series of parasites, feeding hungry dogs, caring for sick and abandoned animals and educating people in the best way of caring for their pets. These interventions contribute to assessing the health and well being of the dogs in the community and monitoring the current dog population.

The visiting vet program is repeated regularly throughout the year and has helped to control the number of dogs in the community and to improve the health of the remaining dogs. Despite this there are many unwanted puppies and due to this Warlukurlangu Artists has developed an adoption program through Aussie Desert Dogs

The dog program is run by Gloria Morales, the art centre’s Assistant Manager. Over the years Gloria has become the local animal rescue person and her care of animals in distress is not limited to dogs.

Warlukurlangu Artists donates a percentage of every painting sold to Aussie Desert Dogs and the Dog Program.


Rescue dog, Olive helping at the front desk.

Rescue dog, Olive helping at the front desk.