Maliki (was Moofy)

Maliki (was Moofy)

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Hit by a car when she was younger, Lady underwent a long period of extensive care and rehabilitation. Not expected to survive the injuries she had sustained and paralysed in at least one leg, the primary focus of Lady’s care was to stabilise her and tend to a severe injury on her thigh. Due to the location of the wound and lack of feeling in that area, Lady had a tendency to lye on that side, hindering the healing processes, increasing the risk of infection and causing severe bed sores. With the use of a homemade donut pillow, round the clock treatment and care however, Lady lived to defied all odds and gradually began to heal. Every time vet, Stephen Cutter and his AMRRIC team came to community, Lady received further surgery until eventually the wound healed completely.

Once Lady had recovered from her primary injuries, the next hurdle was to give Lady more movement and reduce the sores and scratches she was getting due to dragging herself around on her still immobilised legs. Lady loves to play outside with her friends, so it was essential something was done to give her the best quality of life!

Fortunately Sandra, our valued Camp Dogs foster carer and rehoming facilitator, knew of a dog mobility chair that was available and sent it to Yuendumu for Lady to try out.

And Lady loved it!

Mobile, loved and free from pain, Lady continued to live with Aussie Desert Dogs for a number of years. Playing with her friends outside when Gloria was at home and snuggling in her cuddly bed when unattended.

This year, Lady posed for a facebook photo, sporting her brand new collar that was part of an extremely generous donation pack from Pets-R-Us in Alice Springs. We were thrilled when we had an inbox message asking if Lady was available for adoption!

Lady now resides in Melbourne, Victoria with the most wonderful, loving mum. She has a brand new mobility chair, and has featured on Aussie tv show, Totally Wild’! Next year Lady is due to star in a feature length movie, so stay tuned!

We love Lady. She is strong and resilient, full of life and love. We are thrilled that she has settled in such a loving forever home.

Lady models her collar from Pets-R-Us


Lady at Aussie Desert Dogs

Click below to see Lady on Totally Wild!