Welcome to our First Blog! New Medical Room.


Welcome to our first Aussie Desert Dogs blog post. We are thrilled to be opening up our blog with the great news of a new animal hospital room at Gloria's house! Already in the planning stages, this space will function as a medical room for examining and treating sick animals, as well as providing much needed space for sick and recuperating animals.

Stay tuned for some fun events to help us fund this venture, and please feel free to click on our donate button if you feel you would like to help us financially.

In the meantime, here is an insight into life at Gloria's House xox


If Gloria’s house could tell you,

Of all the things it’s seen,

It would have some trouble deciding ,

Where the story should begin.

It could tell you of the bathroom,

Where many a dog has lain,

Some to stay and some to leave,

As the angels take their pain.

It could tell you of the bathtub,

Where hundreds of animals have bathed,

Water washing blood and grime,

So many a creature saved.

It could tell you of the bathroom floor,

And the patter of tiny paws,

As puppies take their first few steps

And stretch their tiny claws.

If Gloria’s house could tell you,

Of the bedrooms made for sleep,

It would tell you of all the different snores,

Of animals in dreams deep.

It would tell you about the older dogs,

Who have stayed within those walls,

Loved and nurtured, close at hand,

So Gloria hears their calls.

It could tell you about the kingsized bed,

Full, except for one,

Where’s Gloria? Sleeping on the bathroom floor,

Tending to the poorly one.

The laundry room has puppies,

The roo’s under the bed,

The cats are in the outdoor pen,

And the foal needs to be fed.

There are dogs up on the table,

And on the kitchen floor,

Underneath the stars outside

And huddled at the door.

The cooking pot is on the stove,

To feed the dogs tomorrow

The clock hand says it half past one

And there’s no more time to borrow.

The sun will rise to greet the day,

And Gloria will greet the sun,

As she has already been up a while,

Still tending to the poorly one.

If Gloria’s house could talk,

And share the stories there,

It would tell you of all the lives it’s held,

And of Gloria’s devoted love and care.

Sam GummerComment