Council Funding



Aussie Desert Dogs would like to thank GMAAAC for Yuendumu and Nyirippi for their funding to support Aussie Desert Dogs and The Dog Program.

The Granites Mine Affected Area Aboriginal Corporation (GMAAAC) was set up to benefit nine Tanami communities affected by the Granites gold mine.  GMAAAC funds community benefit projects that aim to improve health, education, employment, training, housing and essential services as well as promoting Aboriginal self-management.

GMAAAC is governed by a representative body of 18 Aboriginal Directors from across the nine affected communities. Funding decisions for each community are made independently by elected Committees made up of residents from each community. These Committees vary in size and total 84 members across the affected area.

The Central Land Council (CLC) provides support to GMAAAC through their Community Development Unit and the Aboriginal Associations Management Centre.

The generous contributions made by GMAAAC make it possible to pay for the ongoing, day to day feeding, medical and care program for Desert Dogs that operates from Yuendumu and Nyirripi.

To find out more about GMAAAC or CLC’s Community Development Unit, visit the CLC website


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