A Word from Camp Dogs

All of our Aussie Desert Dogs that are available for re-homing go through Sandra, our Camp Dogs organiser.

Camp Dog is the common term used for all domestic dogs living in remote indigenous communities.  They are usually medium build of various ages, however come in all shapes and sizes, so please feel free to enquire. Our camp dogs have usually come from households with a large pack of dogs and some have been socialised with cats. We can advise you as to which dogs are good with other dogs, cat and children as well as any other environmental factors and personality traits. All of our dogs are desexed, microchip and vaccinated and will have had a thorough check over by one of our vets before rehoming. 


ALL of our camp dogs will need some level of training.  Some have a grasp of basic commands, however further training will forge the bond between human and canine and reassure them that you are the alpha in control of their pack. This will help each dog adjust to their new environment and family and make for a smooth transition. Your vet can advise you as to reputable trainers and puppy schools in your area.


Some of our camp dogs come under our Additional Needs category, presenting with physical, emotional or medical issues.  These gorgeous canines come with a full and detailed overview of their needs and requirements and we are at hand to give further information and guidance. They can be a joy to adopt.  Please ask us if you would like to know more about this special bunch.

If you are looking for that special canine We recommend you contact  https://www.facebook.com/CAMP-DOGS-822407711129558/ Camp dog  or https://www.petrescue.com.au/groups/11005/Camp-Dogs