Available Dogs

We frequently have puppies and dogs available for rehoming. Some of our canine companions are young and sprightly, whereas others are a little more mature in years but young at heart. We also have some dogs that are looking for an extra special someone who will be able to help them with their specific requirements, such as training, age and medical needs. Regardless of age, size and temperament of a newly adopted dog, Aussie Desert Dogs strongly encourage the good practice of attending puppy and dog training sessions with your new addition to help everyone settle in well together and forge strong, lifelong bonds. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for that special canine companion! All of our enquiries and adoptions go through Camp Dogs - Pet Rescue.





So keen to please!

Medium Male Mixed Mix Dog

Don is calm and relaxed and like a big cuddly puppy! He was rescued as a tiny sick pup at about 6days old and slowly nursed back to health. There were so many healthy puppies needing homes who left first. As a result, Don grew up with Gloria, where he has lived for about 4 - 5 yrs.

Just give Don praise and he will do anything to please. Oh so cuddly and happy to lie at your feet or next to your bed. He just wants a human to call his own. A devoted shadow!

Don has quickly learnt to walk gently on lead and has good recall when off lead. He just wants to be close to his human and loves praise.